Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rocking special! Valid today through tomorrow!

Aloha from the shores of Hilo, Hawaii! My husband and I are in the middle of a 7 day cruise that I earned with Close To My Heart! And let me tell you how awesome this cruise has been! Absolutely amazing! Thus far in our trip we have swam with sea turtles, watched beautiful Humpback whales, Paddleboarded with Ingo Radamacher (AKA Jax from General Hospital), attended a Luau and taken at LEAST 2000 pictures! Today we are taking an excursion to one of the Volcanos!
All of this as a reward for doing my job! What a fantastic job and reward! Would you like to join me on our next cruise? It is definitely still achievable! Send me an e-mail and we will chat! And now is the perfect time, because when you become a consultant with Close To My Heart in March, you will receive our new Art Philosophy Cricut collection added to your Consultant kit for free! (A $99 value!)
So, today, we are rocking Hilo and climbing the Volcano. I guess you could say we are Rocking the Hawaiian Block! So why not share the fun with a rocking special exclusively for my customers! These will rock the prices off!
Until the end of my cruise (Saturday, March 10th), I will be offering a promotion each day. The promotion is available for 24 hours only. From 7pm to 7pm Eastern time) You may purchase any E-Sized stamp set for $27 flat...meaning nothing additional for shipping or tax (normally $34 after shipping and tax)! A standard set in the book or a newly introduced one! Purchase any D sized stamp for $16.00 (regularly $20.33). And you can purchase any C sized stamp for $12.00. (regular $15.80 after shipping and tax.). Don't have an Idea Book nearby? Visit my website at: www.ctmh.com/tonyasheridan and click on the on-line shopping link. Browse through our great selection and then send me an email. Please note, if you order the stamps directly on my website I will not be able to extend my special to you.
To take advantage of this offer, go through your wishlist, or Idea Book, and find the sets you would like to order. You can either send me an e-mail with these listed or you can make a Payment directly to PayPal (inallsassiness@juno.com) and list the stamp sets directly in the note section. Either way, your order earns your way to some rocking specials! For orders e-mailed to me, I will send you an invoice that you can pay with your PayPal card, debit or credit card on a secured site.
And then stay tuned for tomorrows for a rockin' special!

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