Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where are the marshmellows?

Funny story. We live in a small town surrounded by mountain ranges. Our subdivision is right beside Luray Caverns and there is a little wooded lane behind our house. It is actually a quaint little area. Each fall there is a Civil War Reenactment in this little lane and stretching over to the caverns...the Battle of Front Royal. My kids don't really understand the whole reenactment thing, but they look forward to seeing the horses each year and the "army men". Tonight we went for a walk around dinner time/dusk and the soldiers were all around their tents and campfires eating dinner. As we were walking by the campsites, Gabriel spontaneously asked if the soldiers were toasting marshmallows! We tried to explain that they really didn't have marshmallows then but he kept asking. One of the campsites all waved to the kids and when we walked by and when they starting engaging us in conversation, we told them that Gabe was wondering if they had marshmallows. They all had a good laugh! These are the moments that I truly cherish!

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