Thursday, September 15, 2011

Operation Christmas Card!

This fall I have decided to use my talents to create cards for our troops who will spending the holidays over seas defending our country and away from their families. The organization, or cause, is called Operation Christmas Cards and began in 2009. In that year, Operation Christmas Cards sent out over 87,000 Christmas Cards to those who were deployed and last year, they sent out 140,000 cards. Their efforts are amazing and many of the card makers are just like me...individuals who love making cards and hoping their cards will be the cause of a smile. The mission of the group is simple: "To love our troops one card at a time" and the vision clear "to put a card into the hands of all those deployed during the holidays, boosting their morale and spirit".

Operation Christmas Cards has shared that: "Many of these service members go without receiving a single piece of mail, and often times it is the kinds words of appreciation, support and love from total strangers that give them the very strength and motivation to carry on with their missions at hand.

We all have left over holiday cards every year, so why not put them to good use and send a note to someone fighting for us to enjoy our holidays with family and loved ones.

Participation is very easy and we encourage everyone to help. Get your friends, families, communities, school, churches, etc. involved."

Do's and Dont's:
-do NOT seal the envelopes
-only write supportive notes
-you may include email or mailing address
-envelopes may be decorated

Many people ask about postage. We mail the cards in bulk to the troops, so you do not need to include stamps on the cards. However, we operate strictly upon your donations and shipping costs are not cheap. Each box of cards costs $12.50 per box and contains roughly 300-700 cards depending on the size of the cards. For the 2011 season we estimate that 350+ boxes of cards will be shipped out. At $12.50 per box that puts just shipping at $4375 not including administrative costs to print the labels and run the mailing database and supplies such as packing tape. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated and put directly toward Operation Christmas Cards. They can be made as a tax deductible gift to "Liberty Churches" and be sure to note that they are for Operation Christmas Cards. We want to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of this program and most importantly your support for our troops! "

You can find more information on Facebook: Type Operation Christmas Card as the cause.

If you like local to me, I have decided that I want to try to make, and or collect, a box full of cards and am aiming for 500. I will take on the responsibility of mailing the cards if you would like to arrange to get them to me.

And for my Close To My Heart customers, and friends, I have an incentive to motivate us! I know that supporting our troops is a big enough incentive, but I thought I would make it fun too! So, here goes! I will have a drawing for a $25 CTMH gift certificate on November 1st. For each card donated to me by that date, your name will go in a drawing. But, it gets better! With each 25 cards collected, I will add a prize to the drawing so the more we make and collect, the better your chances for winning a prize. I know I personally have a lot of scraps that I need to use up anyway so what better way to use them! I will keep you posted on my collection efforts On the right sidebar of my blog! Happy Card Making!

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