Thursday, June 2, 2011

My little guy the catcher!

Such a cutie!! Gabe is LOVING playing catcher! I find it adorable that the gear is bigger than he is! Makes it a little difficult to chase after the ball...but what an important job for him!

AND, check this out! Last night Gabe hit a Grand Slam! Only in t-ball can being the last batter almost guarentee you make a Grand Slam!! Does't matter if the ball makes it to the plate before you, or if you are tagged three times with a glove and no ball, it's still a grand slam! I love it! This whole thing of not keeping score and no outs ...what better way to empower the kids and build their self esteem! Later down the road, all the ins and outs can come into place, but right now, their are enjoying their childhood! And so is mommy!

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