Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From somewhere in the Caribbean Sea...

A local resident!

Greetings from somewhere in the Caribbean Sea…

Today we had our first port in St. Maartens. The waters were absolutely beautiful and nothing like I have seen before. They were crystal clear! After a VERY sleepless night (the waters were quite rough last night and partnered with a migraine, neither of us had much sleep), we were quite excited to be on land. We took a bus tour through both sides of the island (the French and the Dutch) over some very windy, and a little too narrow or my taste, roads. Then we walked the shops of the downtown area. We had a great time and returned to the ship exhausted.

Jay’s highlight was finding a store/studio called “That Yoda Guy” and meeting the artist who created Yoda. My highlight of that store was seeing the life-size cutout of Harrison Ford! I also pulled a “John-Hines” and took a picture of the text on the display for easier journaling/remembering!

We finished our evening having dinner with some friends and a trip to the hot tub on the top of the ship which was awesome to be able to look out the hot tub and see the ocean under the stars.

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