Monday, February 14, 2011

Busy little card makers

Our house was quite busy on Sunday with creating the boys Valentine's cards and treat bags. They both insisted on making their own cards and treat bags (although at about card 35 Mommy who wasn't feeling the best, was wondering why we didn't buy Mickey Mouse ones at the store!). I am very proud of my boys and their creative abilities. They are learning the fundamentals of card making and stamping which to some might seem silly, but secretly, they are also learning diligence, the ability to see things through, responsibility of caring and taking care of something (they each washed their stamps and were careful not to get too rough), and self improvement (each time they tried to improve upon the last one).
I had to laugh at Nicholas though, because he could have been a walking commercial for Close to My Heart...repeating "twist, twist, tap, tap, tap" every SINGLE time he inked his stamp!

Gabey wanted to make "Monster-teins" this year, so these are his little treat bags!

Nicholas' treat bags...Nicholas chose to have Dr. Seuss bookmarks, pencils and erasers this year or his Valentine's so we tried to find paper that coordinated with his "theme". I will post his card a little bit later.

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