Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our trip to see Santa

So, despite Mommy being sick earlier in the week, we were still able to reschedule our trip to Richmond to see the Legendary Santa at the Children's Museum. The children have been incredibly excited to see Santa this year and have talked non-stop about what they were going to tell Santa. We were up at about 3 am; left our house by 5am and were in line at about 8:15. We waited just about 2 hours and 15 minutes. BUT, every minute was worth it when I saw the sparkle and excitement in their eyes. They each took a turn with the microphone telling Santa's their hearts desires and listening to what Santa had to say. But, by far, the most precious of moments was when the children were climbing off Santa's lap, Santa told them that he loved them (as he tells them each year) & Gabey turned around and said, "I love you too Santa!") with the biggest of smiles. Sleep lost, and stress in planning the day....with that smile, made it worth every minute! Visiting the Legendary Santa in Richmond is one of my favorite Christmas traditions...and this one, just like all of our previous ones, will remain memorable.

"I want a guitar..."

Gabey cuddling up against Santa!

For the first time, Abby added to her wish list...a little pink piano just her size!

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