Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Completely Humbled

Saturday was the day of my December Crop. A crop that I have been looking forward to, and planning, not only special surprises for my group, but planning on what projects I needed to accomplish myself before the holidays. Much to my dismay, I ended up being so sick I was barely able to get out of bed. My mom, and the other croppers ran the crop for me...of which I am completely grateful. But here is the remarkable part...I wanted to give my croppers some special surprises for Christmas and instead, they were the ones who surprised me. Let me explain. We have been very blessed to have use of the fellowship hall of my church and my daughter's preschool and all throughout the fall we have been collecting items to give the preschool for Christmas as a thank you for their generosity with their space. Some of the items we have given when the need was present, but others I have set aside. Tonight, after a class, my mom gave me the items that my croppers had brought into the crop on Saturday. Then I went upstairs and pulled out the box I had been putting their donations in all fall. We have such an amazing gift for the preschool! Tears filled my eyes as my husband and I sorted the items. These items are going to be so appreciated! And just as a note, my group is small--usually on average about 10 guys and gals, but tonight they have made an impact of hundreds. So, to the Broadway Sassy Scrappers--I thank each of you for your amazing contribution. You are each completely amazing!

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