Thursday, August 12, 2010

And then there was Magic!

This is my first layout with our new book Magic and let me be the first to tell you, creating with this book truly is magic! The layouts, the techniques, the designs! Amazing! To understand the "passion" behind the title and the would have to know my little boy. He is in LOVE with Polar Bears! or white bears as he fondly calls them! My husband laughs that we have a fleet of polar bears at our house...but they are his passion and his joy! I am ecstatic that I could create a layout doing his trip to see the White bears justice.

My journaling reads: "From a very young age, Gabriel has had this incredible passion for Polar Bears. A very true passion!! At first, they were “brown bears”...even though they were really white. Now, as his language has developed, he calls his Polar Bears white bears. He has the stuffed babies, story books, a white bear movie and even little white bear toys that he surrounds himself with on a daily basis. So, it seemed the obvious choice to take Gabriel to see the White Bears as a part of his birthday celebration. As we looked at the pictures following their trip, I asked Gabe to tell me all about the bears…his eyes lit up with excitement and he talked faster and faster as he relived his white bear trip with me! “Mommy, there was a mommy, a daddy and a kid bear…the daddy fell in the water…he was so funny! The kid bear swam faster and faster. My bears were so watching me. They love me. How cool is that? They ate fish…the seals were safe—they were somewhere else.” And he went on and on. I, for one, will be sad when Gabe grows out of this fascination as it has been an exciting passion to share with him! I hope he always has such a passion for the ones that he loves! July 2010. "

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  1. Awesome Tonya.. Love the Flip-Flaps... Geri from ON,Canada... (PS: I too love Polar Bears...Have a WWF tee-shirt my late Mom gave me the I treasure and wear with great pride.)