Sunday, February 7, 2010

Two feet, three kids...

So, according to the "official" records, Luray received over 20" of snow between Friday and Saturday. Add that to the 6-8 inches we still had on the ground from two previous snows, and you have quite a lot of snow! The kids were going stir crazy this afternoon so we took them outside for a few minutes. They were intimidated at first, but did start to enjoy it. They sort of walked on the top layer without sinking too terribly much. Molly, our dog just skipped around not sinking at all. Mommy, well I sank a little, but still not as much as I expected. After playing in the backyard, we let them play in the driveway which they seemed to enjoy even more--they "re-shoveled" the snow, and ran and jumped in the piles! I think they had more fun here because they had a safe ground to stand on and everything was on their terms.
That's a lot of snow to shovel!!
A balancing act!
Making snow angels

A clearer view of the mountain finally!

To gain a sense of proportion!

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