Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeding a baby tiger...

Yes, it is a real tiger! My dad came up with this in genius idea to take the kids to a Big Game Show at the County Fairgrounds and let me tell you, I am not a Big Game, or Hunting, type of girl...but they were supposed to have some baby bear cubs and a few other animals that the kids could see. And dad knew how much Gabe loves bears. My son, Gabriel is FANATIC about bears. Particularly white bears (Polar), but really any bear will do and he is fascinated with most other wild animals...Tigers, Zebras, Rhinos, you name the wild animal and he could tell you all about them.
Forgetting that this was the Fairgrounds, and that we have had two warm days after two and a half feet of snow, I didn't think about the mud in getting to the actual building. Gabe and Abby were well suited in their rain boots...Mom, Nicholas and I...well, not so much! We went into the building and there were taxidermy animals everywhere...again, I am not so much a Big Game, or really any game for that matter, type of girl. But, we finally found the bear cubs in the back corner and the kids were so excited! It was a good suggestion on my dad's part. We watched the bears for quite awhile--they were so playful! Later, we found a place where they would let the children (or adults) pet and feed a baby tiger. The kids immediately wanted to go in and pet the tiger. So we waited in line for their chance. She was very soft! The kids thought they were really something! They growled all the way home! So I guess now I have turned in my three kids for three tigers!

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