Friday, October 2, 2009

With a saddened heart and much reflection...

I have had a saddened heart today as I learned of the passing away of a man whom I respected very much in my childhood and into my teen years. I am sorry that I lost touch with his family when we moved to Ohio. He was an ambassador for the young, and young at heart in Powhatan County. He touched so many young lives from my generation who grew up and went thru the PYAA as well as the Powhatan Marching Indians. He was a great father to three sons: one who I knew well, who has also recently passed away, and the other two who I knew of. I adored his wife as well...she was my bus driver and always a great support system. My thoughts have been with him, and his family all day. And then I read the following post that my childhood friend Lorraine posted on Facebook:
"When someone that you respect and love passes away, I think we look at ourselves and try to reevaluate what we've got going on in our own world. Try not to sweat the small things, but rejoice in the extra hugs, kisses, smiles, and joy that are ...everywhere around you. I really need to try to remember this EVERYDAY!"
She is so right. My kids had wanted to go to the Apple Orchard this afternoon and we were just so busy that I postponed it yesterday...telling them maybe next week whenwe would have time. After reading Lorraine's post, I rescheduled the trip for today to the Apple Orchard with my kids. And my mom. LIFE IS TO SHORT, and I wanted to rejoice life, and these limited moments with my kids.
So, Thank you Charlie for all of your inspiraton--you will be missed, but your legacy will last forever. And thank you to Lorraine for an important reminder.

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