Monday, June 8, 2009

Truly Honored!

I have been fighting a horrible cold/cough/sore throat and just not feeling the best. After many efforts at restless sleep (due to the coughing), I gave up and decided to resolve to working on the computer for a little while. When I logged in to my blog, I discovered that CTMH posted it's Scrapbook and Share Finalists just a few minutes before (I was expecting the finalists to be announced when they opened for business today--which is 11am our time)! However, the finalists are posted...and I was selected as a finalist in the Photography category! I am truly honored--there were so many awesome entries! To see all of the finalists, or to vote for your favorite, click here : CTMH Scrapbook & Share Contest.

This is my entry that was selected!

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