Monday, June 1, 2009

Congrats to Nicholas!

It's hard to believe that my little boy has finished his first year of Preschool! Yesterday, we went to his graduation, and I was so touched with the performance that they gave! The kids all worked so hard!! It has been an honor to see each of the children grow over the past year! My brother Mike was the savior of the day as he took Gabey and Abby downstairs so Mommy could see the entire performance! Tomorrow is their farewell cookout and I guarantee there will be some tears shed--but what a celebration and rite of passage for Nicholas and his friends!

Nicholas and his partner doing the Mexican Hat Dance! Ole'

The Front door to the Preschool...the door I walked you through so many times! You were always so excited!! No reservations. It was I who was wiping the tears. It was I who had a hard time letting go...but in truth, seeing you happy, and surrounded by friends and teachers that you loved, and they loved you, made this door so much more than a door!
What memories were made!

Nicholas and his "Miss Debbie"! She, and "Miss Kari" will never know the difference they have made in Nick's life! Nick talks about them all the time! And if you know Nicholas, you know that I truly mean ALL THE TIME!
If either of you are reading this, I am so thankful that you both, and Pastor Bernie, are the ones I entrusted with Nicholas for his first Preschool experience. You have definitely been God-sent!

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