Thursday, July 16, 2015

Designed Decor Flip Stand Album - Studio J style!

I am not sure which is cuter - the little Cinderella's in the pictures or the frame itself?  I will let you decide that one, but for now, I wanted to showcase two things this afternoon - the awesome possibilities that Studio J opens up for us, and a soon-to-be-retired-but-sure-to-be-a-must-have item: the Designer Decor Flip Stand Album. 

As you scroll down through my pictures, the first thing that might come to mind is "hmmm, I don't remember seeing that paper before" and most likely you would be correct unless you are a frequent Studio J passionate like myself.  This is the Love Bird paper collection and is a Studio J exclusive collection: meaning, the paper is only available in Studio J.  That certainly doesn't mean you can't be super creative with it!  My grandma up-line to use this paper collection as the theme for her team meeting at our Annual National Convention last week.  Within that meeting, I took on the Studio J element and intertwined the paper into several areas of the meeting - aka party.  I will share more elements of the party in the coming days, but today I wanted to share the Create and Take Project that I designed.

Designing aside, this is a quick project (20-30 minutes) that you can re-create with any of the collections in Studio J!  The supplies needed are:  (Z1896) Designer Decor Flip Stand Album, Studio J graphics, (Z4114) 4" x 6" Flip Flaps, (Z1747) Small Flip Flap Assortment.  Tools needed are:  (Z1783) 12" x 12" Paper Trimmer, adhesive of choice, (Z1836) Fine Tip Scissors and (Z2060) 3-d Thin Foam Tape (optional).

This is what the Flip Album Stand looks like before it becomes a treasured piece of art and memory keeper - simple, basic and open to a world of possibilities!
Next, you need the graphics.  I was able to create all of pages, the accents that I wanted and added several extras in the blank space.  My book includes 3 Flip Flap pages front and back as well as the base.  You could certainly add more or even add more photo pages to share more memories - just add more Flip Flaps!

This is what my graphics looked like before cutting them.  Note that this is a 12" x 12" piece of paper.

I also use Studio J to process my photos so this is what the sheet of photos looked like before I cut them.  You will notice that I did not need the entire page for this project -- I simply filled that white space later with additional photos for another project.  This is one of the most awesome things about Studio J - I can print my photos in the exact size!  No fuss!
Next, take the bracket off the frame.  

Next, cut the entire flap off the 4" x 6" Flip Flap.  Set aside.  Unscrew the bracket from the frame and use this to create a template for the hole positions in the flip flaps.  Use a hole puncher to punch the holes.  Make sure that the holes are punched at the unsealed part of the flip flap so that the pictures don't fall out.

While the frame is apart, insert the base inside the frame and position as desired.  Close the frame. Insert the screws into the holes to punch through the artwork.  Take the screws back out and reattach the bracket. 

Now that the "mechanics" are complete, you can have fun decorating the frame!  Once you have completed each page, adhere the front page to the back and then insert into the flip flap.  Use the previously punched holes in the flip flap as a guide to cut the holes in the photo.  Remember too that the back picture flips up so that picture will go the opposite direction from the front picture.

So all of this being said, here are my pages that feature my super cute daughter and niece attending their premier of Cinderella.  The boys, their "princes" are super handsome too if I do say so myself.


Page 1 and 2.

Page 3 and 4.

Page 4 with little flip flap open.

Back of frame.

Easy, peasy!!  Loved the process of creating this and I hope you will too!  The frames will be retiring on August 31st so don't wait to order yours!  I am thinking Christmas gifts!!  To place an order for the frame, or other needed supplies click here.  To play with the wonders of Studio J visit here!  And BONUS -- there is a STUDIO J FLASH SALE going on until July 31st where a 2 page 12" x 12" spread is just $5 (plus shipping and tax).

I will also be teaching my frame as a class at my August Americana Event at 2:30PM on Friday, August 22nd at the Holiday Inn in Harrisonburg, VA. The cost is $20.00.  To reserve your space, e-mail me at:  You can also order this as a class kit.  The details are on my In All Sassiness Designs page.  

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