Friday, February 14, 2014

A sweet Valentine's story...

...these are the reason I scrapbook.  To remember the sweet stories of my children's childhood.  And to be able to reflect on these as the years go by.

Today is Valentine's Day.  And for Valentine's Day the children were out of school because of snow but the temps were relatively high so the snow was melting fast and thus our initial plan of sledding really wasn't feasible.  I thought it would be a nice idea to visit Verita's Vineyard and Winery over on Afton Mountain--for two reasons--first, there is a Love Sculpture there and second, my husband loves wine, he actually used to work at a wine shop, and I thought taking him to a Wine tasting would be a sweet Valentine's gift.  So we changed our plans and made the trip.  

I had purchased a large heart shaped balloon for a photo idea that I wanted to try with the kids and as we were driving up over the mountain, my oldest son, Nicholas asked if when we were finished with the balloon we could let it go to the heavens to wish his Grandma Margie, and the other angels, a Happy Valentine's Day.  My heart melted.  How could I say no to such a request?  

So, after our Valentine day together, we did just that.  We drove to the highest and most beautiful spot on Afton mountain that we could find (we had had another spot in mind that was less public to release the balloon but Skyline Drive was closed due to the weather) and we let our Valentine balloon fly into the heavens to Grandma Margie just as the sun set and the moon started to shine. 

These are the moments that as I mom I hold close to my heart and cherish deeply.  And they are a reminder  to myself when I get down on myself for feeling that I am not as good as of a parent as I want to be, or that my children want me to be, that I must have done something right to raise children who are sensitive, thoughtful and kind.  Today, Nicholas I thank you for reminding me of that.  And to my Grandma Margie, you are missed so much by myself and my children but your legacy lives on in our hearts.  I love you.

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