Friday, January 3, 2014

Yes, I am re-surfacing!

And a Happy New Year to each of you too!  I know, and I apologize for my long gets busy around our house at Christmas and this year, that seemed to be truer than years past!  I do believe (and yes, I am admitting it) that I took on more than I should have...between creating Christmas moments, and traditions with my own children, to our family adjusting to my hubby's new job, to helping my children with their Christmas cards and "happies" for all of their parties, teachers and so forth I feel like I barely had a moment to sit down much less blog.  So, now it is time to play catch up.  And with any luck, munchkins will go back to school (fingers crossed!!!) on Monday so we can return to some normalcy--or whatever that is!

In the meantime, I thought I would take this next week to share some of the highlights of our Christmas season and some art here and there too!  Some of the art could be adapted for other times of the year, and others, you might just want to "flag" for next year.  

So tonight, I wanted to share my little Gabriel's "happy" that he made for all of classmates for Christmas.  He used the Polar Bear Holiday Stamp Set (I know, of course he did--he is a Polar Bear fanatic!--wait to you see the picture of his newest bear!), the silver roll of the Sparkle and Shine Washi Tape Collection --which exciting news!!!  will be available to purchase as a single roll in the new Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book--, and these little adorable, yet very multi-functional My Creations Small Paper Pouches.

To create the pouches, we wrapped the Washi Tape around the edges to create a border.  He then stamped the Polar Bear of his choosing on the pouch and colored the bear with crayons.  He added a little "bling" and then slid in a full-size Christmas Kit-Kat.  They were a perfect width.  

Of course, Gabriel celebrates the Polar Bears all year long (yes, LITERALLY), but I would think that this stamp, and idea would be really cute for Valentine's Day for classmates or even co-workers.  I am sure he wouldn't mind if you used his creation for inspiration!  :)

Oh, and here is that bear I mentioned!

Yep, that's my Gabriel and his newest "Percy"!

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