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For Always...Workshop On The Go

My tweaked version...

The journaling reads:  "Climbing the il Duomo of Firenze was absolutely amazing!  It was unlike anything “American” that we had ever experienced. The climb up the 463 hand carved stone steps to the terrace was exhilarating and fantastic!  There were no disclaimers or signs as to what to expect.  Just pure adventure! Claustrophobic, winding, dark, and at times steep: the steps wound in and around the magnificent structure.   The climb included a walkway around ¾ of the circumferences of the dome that was directly beside the painting and where we could also look below and see the interior of the cathedral.  It then made its way through the trusses (the space between the inside and outside of the dome) where the intricate details of the architecture could be witnessed and concluded with a steep ladder that led to the terrace at the very top. The climb was unexpected.   A challenge.  It seemed like we continued up forever!   The artwork in the ceiling of the Duomo was a once in a lifetime moment to absorb and the final panoramic view looking out on the city of Florence was breathtaking. Would we do it again?  In a moment!" 

This is layout that I created from:
As you can see, I tweaked quite a bit. Why?  First, because I can.  :) But no seriously, because  I printed the picture of my husband on the final ascend to the Duomo as a 8" x 12" to capture the depth of the stairwell.  My plan was to trim it down a little.  However,  he really like the size of the picture and didn't want me to trim it I tweaked here and tweaked there.  I moved the brackets for the top and bottoms to the sides.  I also wanted them to stand out more so I hand stitched with floss along the inner edge of each bracket shape to create an outline and more definition.  I doubled layered the little graphic in the lower left corner and moved my title into the space where there was a photo.  The other major alteration that I made was to use two 3"x6" pictures into the cluster of 3" x 3" squares on the right page.  Why Desert Sand for my accent color?  If can't really be seen from a picture on line but the For Always papers have little specks of Desert Sand in the designs...I just chose to pull them out and highlight them.  Class participants or Blog Followers, you can choose to follow my altered design, use Close To My Hearts design or find a balance point that is all your own to create your layout. Either way, I am sure you will love working with this paper pack and Stamp set. I know that I did.
I will be teaching this Workshop On the Go Scrapbooking Class on Monday, February 4, 2013!

6:00-9:00PM. Location to TBA.

Cost: $34.00.
Click here for Workshop Guide.

Colors Used: Black, Ruby, Slate, Honey, Lagoon (these can be altered to coordinate with your pictures)

Picture Sizes: (one) 6" x 8" horizontal, (three) 3" x 3" and (one) 4" x 6" vertical.

Optional Layout:   Magic, Performance.

Participants may purchase the coordinating Ink Pads for $4.00 each and the coordinating Alcohol Ink Markers for $4.50 each.

Long Distance customers who purchase the For Always Scrapbooking Workshop On The Go Kit in January or February may also receive the coordinating ink discounts. For more details, or to take advantage of this offer, e-mail me at:

To Register, e-mail me at: Registration is open until January 21st. Seats may be available after that on a first come first serve basis but cannot be guaranteed.

Can't attend but would like to host your own Workshop On The Go? No problem! You can even earn your kit for free! E-mail for details!

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