Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snow what fun...Cupcake fun!

Each year, I try to let me kids choose a treat recipe for their classes for their class parties.  This year, Abby decided that she wanted Snowmen Cupcakes.  We found the idea for these cute little cakes on Pinterest and thought we would try them.  For her class, I used regular chocolate chips, but they really over powered the faces so when we made them for my Grandma's Christmas party, we used the small mini-chips and they looked so much better.  I tried to get a good picture but it was a little challenging with the shadowing and flash to see the crystals...but they really made the cupcakes sparkle!
They were super easy to make -- just need a little time.  To create your own:
1.  Use a regular boxed White Cake mix--don't forget to leave out the egg yellows or the white cupcakes will not be white inside. 
2.  Once cupcakes completely cool, ice graciously with White Frosting.
3.  Use a Butterscotch chip for the nose with the dipping point face up.
4.  Use mini-chocolate chips with the dipping point face down to make the eyes and mouths.
5.  Pour Wilton White Sparkle Crystals (not the fine sparkles) over the cupcake.  Tap off the excess.
6.  Allow icing to harden slightly before storing in an air tight container to avoid the chips sliding down the icing.
My sister-in-law, Leah, was had to work so I made her her very own larger cupcake in a super cute little container with sparkly filler.

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