Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So many thank the Broadway Sassy Scrappers...

As written in the my daughter's School newsletter:

"Spectacular Sassy Scrappers

A group of very kind scrapbookers led by Tonya Sheridan (Abby's mom) played Santa to our preschool this year. They delivered boxes of preschool supplies to Morning With My Friends over Christmas break. This group often meets in our Fellowship Hall to do their creative magic. They have shown their gratitude for the space and their support of our preschool by donating Michael's gift cards, papers towels, markers, crayons, many glue sticks, Tacky and Elmer's glue, and more. We say thank you so very much for these wonderful, useful supplies."

Abby, myself, and the school are very thankful for all of your amazing donations and continued support! I am so touched! Many, many thanks!!!! I wish I had my husband take a picture of the towering boxes of supplies. We (mostly him) wrapped the large boxes of supplies so that it would be even more special!

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