Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A new perspective on the jewels of DC!

Today begins my week long Convention with Close To My Heart in Washington, D.C. Despite having a terrible head cold, I am so very excited! The closest thing that I can parallel it to is a child on Christmas morning. For me, the highlight of the entire convention is taking a nighttime photography tour of the some of the National Monuments---without a flash. The group is called Photo Safari and it runs on Friday nights however, Tina and Barb (my up-line and side line friends) were able to get us in on a special engagement, and because of my sales, I was able to experience the tour for free! As Nicholas would say, "how cool is that?". And, let me just say, it was awesome! The temperatures were soaring here in DC, but it was so very worth it! I had never used a tripod before and can't believe what I was missing out on. Amazing! My favorite was the Korean Memorial...I had not been here before, but at dark, and though the lens, it was all the more amazing! If you live, or can visit the DC area, I highly recommend this tour! It was a HUGE ah-ha moment for me!

Up-close and personal with President Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial.

The World War II Memorial

The Korean Memorial

Albert Einstein Memorial
This is the Albert Einstein Memorial - I didn't even know it existed. Following the tour, we took a Scattered Hearts VIP Night Group Photo...the perfect end to the perfect evening!

I thank my clients once again, for helping earn this awesome experience! And to Tina and Barb for pulling the trip together! I am hoping to take the Broadway Sassy Scrappers (and my brother Chad) here on a second trip possibly in the fall. If interested, let me know!

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