Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My little Valeeeentine Card Maker!

Mommy's proud artist!
Maybe it was the icky (on-going) weather? Or the excitement of getting to participate in one of my workshops, but all Nicholas has talked about the last few weeks was taking Mommy's Valeeeentine workshop! He has been making Valentine's at every chance he can! Big ones, little ones, Valentine's with hearts and Valentine pictures. These particular Valentine's are ones that Nicholas and my mom made in my Mom & Me workshop for his friends at preschool. He thought he was hot stuff let me tell you! But the truth be known, I couldn't be prouder! I am honored that it was so exciting for Nicholas to participate and am thankful that he shares my passion for creativity!

Look at the many different techniques!
Paper tearing, glittering, stamping!
He is a natural!
Nicholas, you make Mommy proud!

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