Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Ultimate Scrapbooking Project... begins January 1st!

Last week, my husband and I watched the movie Julia & Julie and I found it to be heart warming, touching and inspiring. What an amazing accomplishment...not just the cooking and recipes but the feeling of completion that Julie must have felt. She took something that she had a passion for, challenged herself, and finished as a more confidant individual! I have re-watched this movie at least 8 times since then, and each time, I have thought to myself...I need to do something like find purpose, to find my soul, to get help me get my pages done--after all, I have three children, and at my pace, they will be 500 before I am ever caught up. I don't mean that I have to be caught up, I don't anticipate ever being caught up, however, I do find myself frustrated when I start a project and don't have time to finish it as a have to hurry to another task that has priority.

The project that I am thinking would help me stay on task and purpose. So what is my Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge? Like Julie, I would like to work my way through an entire book...but instead of Julia Child's cookbook (of which I think would be fascinating as well) I want to work my way through a resource book that I too adore...Close To My Heart's How To Books...and not just one, but all five books: Reflections, Cherish and Imagine for Scrapbooks and Originals and Wishes for cards. I have set guidelines for myself as well: my challenge is to complete one layout for each pattern in each book as well to incorporate each of the sidebar tips in a layout somewhere. Each layout will have to be a new layout that I have created since I began the challenge and must be started and completed as such. Imagine and Cherish are all 2 page spreads so those are easy to compute however, Reflections has 1 page spreads that have complimenting pages...for this book...each 1 page spread will be created at least once. Some might need to be used twice for complimentary benefits.
So there it is. On paper (well, the Internet) to help hold myself accountable! That is 150 Layouts and 184 Cards in 365 days.


  1. Wow Tonya...what a great idea! For myself that would be too overwhelming, but I'll bet you can do it. Good luck with your challenge!

  2. OH WOW! And why do I get the feeling that SOMEHOW we are going to get included in that challenge???? (lol) Like Michelle, I too think you can do this! Go for it!!!

  3. Interesting Challange, Tonya! I too believe you can handle it! I am looking forward to working on some of these right along with you [just a hunch!haha].

  4. Too funny! You can do it too you know! :-) Just think of all the baby pictures that you will have soon!! And the big brother pictures!