Friday, October 2, 2009

Apple Pickin' @ Paugh's Orchard

Beautiful mums! & beautiful moments!

So Proud!
How about them apples?
Pickin' apples at the Apple orchard proved to be a great afternoon despite a few raindrops! The kids were so excited to pick their apples! Poor Gabey. every time he would pick one it would roll down the hill! And Abby was insistent that she had to carry her own bag through the orchard and down the hill! Those are going to be some bruised apples...but bruised with love so I am sure we will still enjoy them!! Nicholas had to fill his bag to the tippy top and fit "just one more in" despite my warnings that the bag would be too heavy to carry. And it was. Mommy, enjoyed the beautiful mums, and the colorful assortment of gourds...then again, the gourds are always my favorite part of fall!! If you live in the Harrisonburg area, it is definitely worth the drive to Paugh's Orchard...and you will find the best southern hospitality around! Thanks to the Paugh's for another great year of memory making!

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