Card Buffet

Thanks for shopping and creating at my card buffet!  For easy reference, here are the cards that are on the buffet!  

If you haven't been to an event where my card buffet is available for shopping, you are missing out! At each of my Sassy Crops that I host, and most crops that I vend at, I bring along my card buffet.   For information on upcoming events, click here.  Clients and scrappers are invited to shop the buffet at their leisure.  The cards are pre-cut, and in most cases, pre-stamped and packaged individually for shopping and creating ease.  Clients are welcome to take photos of the cards, and they are also post here for at least 6 months, to guide them in the creative process.  I can also answer any questions on the cards via e-mail at:  

Love the card buffet idea and want to participate?  There are three ways you can do so!

1.  Attend one of my Sassy Crops monthly, or weekend, crops.  At most crops, the buffet is available even if you aren't cropping.  If you would like this option, inquire ahead of time to ensure I can accommodate you at that event.

2.  Hosting a card buffet for you and your friends!  Yes, how awesome that you can now have my card buffet come to you, and your friends, at your home or place of choice.  When a card buffet hostess has 5 guests, her buffet is free!  There is also the opportunity to earn hostess rewards and additional projects.

3.  Order cards via e-mail or my on-line shop.  Cards will be mailed or pick-up can be arranged.  Shipping cost will be added for mailed orders however, they can be combined with other shop  purchases.  Click here to visit my shop then e-mail me your selections.

Note: The cards in the buffet change as inventory turns so all of the images shown may not still be available in the buffet.  

Current card buffet prices are: (prices are subject to change)

 1 for $2.50     7 for $15.00     15 for $25.00  Punch cards are available for the $25.00 pricing.

Happiest Holidays Poinsettia Card

Cat or Rat Happy Halloween Card

Trick-or-Treat Pumpkins Cards - happy or scary (your choice)

Spiral Owl Halloween Card

Happy Fright Night card

Have a spooky Halloween card

 Thankful heart card

Home is where the heart is card

Warm Hugs card

Be Strong card

Stronger Together Dogwood card 1

Stronger Together dogwood card 2

Stronger together dogwood card 3

Stronger together dogwood card 4

Heart- hello card

XOXO tag card

Little Dreamer Miss You card 1

Little Dreamers Miss you card 2 - currently out of stock; will be replenished

Little Dreamer's Love you Card - currently out of stock; will be replenished

Little Dreamer's Really Miss you card - currently out of stock; will be replenished

5" x 7" Bird Spinner Card

 5" x 7" flower spinner card - stamp your own sentiment
 watercolor "Hello" card

 "Keep Your Chin Up" card

 Fundamental Green pennant card - sold out

Love Your Selfie: "You are Beautiful" card

Love Your Selfie:  "Hooray!"

Love Your Selfie:  polka dot birthday

Love Your Selfie:  Zig-zag "Hello"

Love Your Selfie arrow birthday

Love Your Selfie golden "Hello"

Love Your Selfie:  "Awesome Looks Good on You" - sold out

Love Your Selfie: "Have a Lovely Day" card

 Love Your Selfie: "Have an Awesome, Amazing Day"

Sea Glass Congrats card

Sea Glass Heart Congrats card

Sea Glass gold pennant card

Ivy Lane "Hey There"

Ivy Lane "Better with friends" solid card - sold out

Ivy Lane "better with life" multi-floral card

Ivy Lane "You're Amazing" card - sold out

Laughing Lola "Happy Birthday" speech bubble card

Laughing Lola strip card

Laughing Lola pocket card

Laughing Lola "thank you" card - sold out

Laughing Lola zig-zag card

Laughing Lola Thanks card - sold out

Seaside shell card - sold out

Happy Owl'oween treat bag card - sold out

Prickly Pear "llama fun" card

Prickly Pear "best day ever" card

Prickly Pear llama "Happy Birthday" card

Prickly Pear "I'm Sorry" cactus card

Prickly Pear "Let's Fiesta" card

Prickly Pear "stuck on you" card

Prickly Pear dainty floral "Happy Birthday" card

Prickly Pear Emerald "I'm Sorry" card

Hand stamped "here for you" full card

Hand stamped pennant "you're not alone" card

Hello Lovely "I'm Sorry" stacked heart card

Hello Lovely "Thinking of You" card

Hello Lovely multi-floral "Sorry" card

Hello Lovely column card

Live Beautifully "Smile" card

Live Beautifully "Be Your Own Kind Beautiful" card

Live Beautifully "Because You're So Kind" card

---Christmas Cards---

Film-slide glitter "Joy" card

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