Friday, November 13, 2015

Scrabble Art

Scrabble has become my creative escape - and the perfect personal gift for friends and loved ones. I have always been a Scrabble fanatic - although, my sister-in-law Laura, holds the title for the most Scrabble passionate person I know - and last Christmas I fell in love with creating Scrabble Art! It you search Pinterest, there are sooo many ideas so working from those ideas as inspiration, I created my own version of Scrabble Art with our Close To My Heart Designer Decor' Black Shadow Box (Z2015) and a box of Scrabble tiles.  I can certainly say that I, and my lines, and time improved with practice but in the process I discovered a gift that I could personalize for the recipient, was a joy to give and an honor to make.  

To create, you will need the frames, Scrabble Tiles and Mini-Glue Dots.  For the tiles, I just purchase the games at my local store -  my family has found uses for the game boards --upside down they make great Lego platforms and the tile holders (just wait for our Christmas presents this year!)!  If making multiple frames, and wanting the tiles to match, you will want to purchase all of the games at the same place as I have discovered that the different retailers have different fonts in their games.  I place one mini glue dot in each of the four corners before placing the tiles down on the frame.  Sometimes it helps to use spacer (tiles face down) to keep the alignment straight and then once all of the tiles are adhered down, you can just remove the spacers.

I have created several different types of the Scrabble Art frames.  Here are a few of the ones I have created:

For my children's teachers - I asked them to make a list of words that described their teachers and then we used those words in their puzzle.

Family frames - building the puzzle to include all of the family member's names.

Centered around a theme - such as Christmas or paddleboarding - using terms that were surrounding Christmas or known to paddleboarders.

If more words are used than will fit in the Designer Decor' Shadow Box Frame, you can graduate to the Designed Decor' Red Magnetic Chalkboard Frame.  This is a chalkboard background so it is softer and a little more challenging to work with, but does allow for additional space.

I will instructing a workshop on my Scrabble Art frames November 20, 21 and 22nd at the What A Blessing Crop at the Holiday Inn of Harrisonburg.  The event will be from 10 am on Friday until 8PM on Sunday.  You can stop in anytime and I will start you on your project.  To ensure that I have a frame available for you, e-mail me at:

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