Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Twelve Days of Scrapbook Sassiness - Day 1! Plus, Deal of the Decade!

Good morning!  Today I have two happy things to share!  

First, it is day one of my annual Twelve Days of Christmas specials.  Wahoo!  Each year I try to come up with a unique, and fun name for my countdown specials, and this year I decided to call them the Twelve Days of Scrapbook Sassiness--after all, it's all about the sass right?  

So what is this you ask? Very simple, we all work so hard in December trying to find that perfect gift for a loved ones, creating favors for school and church parties, decorating etc. and our scrapbooks typically get forgotten.  I created my countdown specials as a fun way to remember our passion for paper crafting and taking a fun few moments to pamper ourselves.  

Each day, I will offer some type of special.  The special is good for 24 from the time that I post. Most will be posted by 9am -- today obviously being the exception.  You will then have the next 24 hours to e-mail me at: inallsassiness@gmail.com and let me know you want to take advantage of the special.  When you e-mail me, include colors/sizes/preferences if that is information that I need to know.  I will start a "Sassy List" for you and be checking it twice to make sure I have the info that I need.  At the end of the 12 days, I will add up all of the specials you took advantage of and will send you an invoice that you will have 48 hours to pay via a secure website (my local customers can make other arrangements as I will see you over the course of the 12 days - just let me know in advance) to keep the discounts.  If your sassy order collectively is eligible for the Stamp of the Month (for just $5) or the Deal of a Decade (unlimited $10 "C" and "D" stamps with a $50 purchase), I will let you know and you can also take advantage of those as well.  I will also include my own "sassy happy" to you with your order for participating in my countdown.  Every 12th order  will receive a new Seasonal Expressions item in their order as well.  So you see, the offers, and fun, get better and better!

And then there was part two....this year, my Twelve Days of Scrapbook Sassiness coincides with Close To My Heart's Deal of the Decade and let me tell you...yes, it certainly is!  In celebration of our My Acrylic Stamp Sets 10th Anniversary, when you make a $50 purchase you can purchase unlimited "C" and "D" sized stamps from our Annual Inspirations Idea Book for just $10 each!  Each day, I will be posting a featured stamp set that can be purchased under the Deal of the Decade.  If you would like to add that stamp to your Sassy list, you can.  If you don't meet the $50 purchasing requirement by the end of the specials, I will let you know how much more you need to spend to receive the stamp for a discount.  Make sense?  No worries, I will coach you along the way!  Remember it is all about the sass!

So here we go!
On the first day of Scrapbook Sassiness, my consultant offered me our new ShinHaun markers buy 2 get a set of Clear Sparkles free!  This offer can be repeated as many times as you sassy heart wishes!  Wow that sounds like an odd combination right?  When you see what you can do with these alcohol markers, you will be sold!

First, they color, and blend beautifully!  As you will see here with the Koala Bear, the paws and belly are lighter than the rest of the bear?  To create this look, I simply colored the other parts of her with the same color a second time and those areas became darker.  You can also see in her ear how I blended the shade of purple with the grey for a soft look.  

The other fabulous benefit of these markers, is that you can color the Clear Sparkles with the marker! With this ability, you now have so many more options for embellishments!  To do, I use the broad tip, and then cover the surface completely while the sparkle is on the carrier sheet.  Allow 3-5 minutes to dry before placing on artwork.  A side hint, keep baby wipes close by for finger cleaning!  Here are a few examples of coloring incorporated in artwork:

You have until noon on Wednessday, December 3rd to take advantage of this special.
Happy Sassiness!

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