Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 Days of Scrapbooking Happiness - Day 3! Washi Tape!

The hottest trend in and our of scrapbooking--Washi Tape!  Have you randomly only searched it on Pinterest?  Oh my goodness!  This awesome "stuff" is everywhere and can be used for oh so much!  So, on this 3rd day of Scrapbooking Happiness, your consultant offered you--a free Washi Tape Dispenser (these ROCK) with the purchase of three rolls of Washi Tape!  or, for those who use our Storage Containers, you may opt for a free roll of Washi Tape when you purchase 3 rolls (least expensive roll is the free roll).  There are so many colors and sizes to choose from!  Click here to see all the Washi Tape that we have to offer. And, you will note that there are several that are also on our While Supplies last list....and before you ask..."Yes, Virginia...there is a Santa Clause"--you may included the WSL sets in your deal!  Jingle Bell Bonus right?

As a side note, the Washi Tape Dispenser is magnetic so multiple containers can be placed side by side!  This is such an awesome feature!  The dispenser retails for $6.95.

Here are some fun, out of the Christmas box ways that you can use Washi Tape!  It is sort of like to scrappbookers like Duct Tape is to men--the all around go to product!

-to label/identify electronic cords  -to decorate tea-lights  -to accent gift bags/tags  -personalize light switches  -cover school folders  -use in planners to indicate each person in the family's activities  -dress up your stationary  -labels  -as tape  -and the possibilities are endless!!

For other ideas, see the pins I pinned or search Washi Tape on Pinterest.

And here are a few scrapbooking projects that I have created with Washi Tape.

The special is good from 9am on Thursday, December 4th until 9am on Friday, December 5th.  To take advantage of the special, e-mail me at: and let me know you want to take advantage of the special.  When you e-mail me, include colors/sizes/preferences if that is information that I need to know.  I will start a "Sassy List" for you and be checking it twice to make sure I have the info that I need.  At the end of the 12 days, I will add up all of the specials you took advantage of and will send you an invoice that you will have 48 hours to pay via a secure website (my local customers can make other arrangements as I will see you over the course of the 12 days - just let me know in advance) to keep the discounts.  If your sassy order collectively is eligible for the Stamp of the Month (for just $5) or the Deal of a Decade (unlimited $10 "C" and "D" stamps with a $50 purchase), I will let you know and you can also take advantage of those as well.  I will also include my own "sassy happy" to you with your order for participating in my countdown.  Every 12th order  will receive a new Seasonal Expressions item in their order as well.  So you see, the offers, and fun, get better and better!

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