Saturday, May 24, 2014

I-don't-want-this-day-to-end type of day!

Today we went to Fredericksburg for my niece's 4th birthday--which by the way, I can't believe is even possible!  It seems like just yesterday we were "flying" down the interstate to make it in time for her to be born.  My sister-in-law and brother had a wonderful party and we had a fantastic time!  Her sister did a fabulous job with face painting and the kids enjoyed hours upon hours of fun with games and a huge bouncy house--princess style. What a delight sharing this special day with such a special little girl!  Confirms what I have said before--that outside of a mom, being an Auntie is the most amazing role in the world!

The birthday girl!  Miss Addison!  Beautiful inside and out!  I love you my sweetie!

Abigail's butterfly face! (thanks Liz!!!)

 My sweet Grandma was able to make the party!

 Gabriel with his Batman face!

Cousins are truly a child's first best friends!  Love how they all adore each other!

"Hokie power!"

 My so adorable nephew Matthew!!  How cute is he????  He has grown soooooo much!  I loved seeing him and sharing a little one on one Auntie-nephew time with him--we had to catch up on life of course! 

While in Fredericksburg, we visited their Love Sculpture -- ignore the kids --post face painting stained faces-- for a few pictures.  I loved (no-pun intended the logo that showed in the "o" for this love!

One of those, I-don't-want-this-day-to-end type of days!  Thanks for the memories Addie and for sharing your birthday with us!

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