Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow-ma-gaden Scrapbooking Challenge

Broadway Sassy Scrappers - Snow-ma-gaden Challenge!
(and of course, the challenge is open to my non-local customers and followers as well)

Hello my friends!  So, since I know that you will all be snowed in tomorrow, most likely Friday, and then possibly the next day and the next and maybe even the next (:0  ...I thought I would send out a challenge to keep you busy!  

So here are the rules!
Scrap BOTH, yes BOTH, (really no need to know you will have time!) layouts during our Snow-ma-gaden this weekend.  You need to include the following the elements:

1.  include at least one flip-flap on each layout
2.  include fibers on one of the two layouts.
3.  include an interactive element (the flip flap does not count) on one of the layouts.
4.  some type of glitter, shimmer or bling on one of the layouts.
5.  For both layouts, create titles that do not include using the Cricut or typing.  So in other words, get CREATIVE!
6.  Incorporate hearts on one of the two layouts.
7.  Use hand stitching on one of the layouts...may be with a needle and thread; may by holes, or may be hand drawn.
8.  Include 3 different types of embellishments (not sizes, but types) on one layout.
9.  Include the idea of snow/ice in one of the layouts.
10.  Use three different font sizes on one layout.

Other details:
Layouts must be completed, including title and journaling and a photo should be sent to me via e-mail or text by Sunday at 6 PM.  Photos do not have to be on the layout (because I know that you won't be able to go out to pick up your pics) but you need to have an idea of what photos you are going to use.  You will then have until the crop on Friday to print those pictures and attach them to your layout to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE.  If you are not coming to the crop, or are not local, you will need to send me an email , or text, of the finished layout with pictures by Friday at 6PM to be eligible for the Grand Prize and the rewards.

So what is your reward for completing my Snow-ma-gaden challenge?  
1.  You will receive a happy from me at the crop on Friday;   
2. You may share in the Hostess rewards and purchase any single product, or Hostess Collection, from the new Spring Idea Book at 50% off and 
3. You earned it, so you may choose any FOUR items in the new Idea Book for Buy 3 Get 1 Free!  The least expensive item is the item that is free.  
4.  Your entries will be judged by your peers and the winner will receive an awesome prize chosen by yours truly!  And finally, 
5. you have the bragging rights that you completed this "ice-solid challenge!"

Are you in??  Send me an e-mail at: and let me know so I know to check in on you!

Have fun and in the words of Olaf--"Warm Hugs"!

To see enlarged views of the layouts, click the layout and they will open in a new window.

Layout One.

 Layout Two.

Are you ready?  On your mark?  Get Set?  Create!

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