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Ohana means family...and "no one gets left behind" children can recite their favorite quote from Disney's Lilo and Stitch HANDS DOWN!  and truly my Close To My Heart friends are my family.  I love them dearly and cherish their friendships, mentor ships and colleagueships (is that even a word??).  And tonight I wanted to share a story that I shared with many of my colleagues this evening.

Over the course of the past 6-8 months, I have been a part of a Business Builders Group made up of Scattered Hearts team members from across the country.  Our goal: to become better businesswomen.  The ironic part of this group is that many of us had never met one another.  When Close To My Heart hosted their National Convention at Disney this past June, our group decided we wanted do something together so that we could meet one another.  We scheduled a Character Breakfast at the Ohana Restaurant at the Polynesian Resort.  Me, being the Disney fanatic...loved the thought of this special breakfast.  I wanted to do something unique, and fun, but business minded for my colleagues in my group so I decided to create a memory book for each of them that would first be a place to keep these special memories, and second be a tool that they could showcase to their customers of the total AWESOMENESS of Studio J.  And so, I created layouts in Studio J (to learn how to do this, e-mail me at: and I would love to teach you how!), reloaded the j-pegs into 6" x 6" photo wells and then had them printed.  I then adhered the pages to a 6" x 6" accordion book with Flip Flaps on the covers to protect the most handled pages.  

I created one book for each member of my group and planned that if I had extras I would give them to some of the children at Ohana to use as autograph books with the characters.  As it turned out, many of our group members could not attend the breakfast so I had maybe 10-12 books that I was able to share with anxious excited families there at Ohana.  But there was this one little girl…I will never forget her face.  Her expression and her gratitude were priceless.  I gave her my book and a Sharpie and told her what it was for and she was so excited!  Her mom shared that the little girl had really wanted an autograph book but the trip was so costly they just didn’t have the extra to buy one and thanked me continually.   My heart just fluttered.  And all during breakfast I watched that little girl who was seated way over in the corner across from us as she proudly gave her book to each character.  I had given her such a precious gift – a gift of memory keeping.  And it is by far the memory that I cherish the most from all of Convention. More than the awards, recognitions and achievements.  More than the time spent with dear friends.  This little girl has inspired me to strive to share my passion for scrapbooking even more!  And to always keep the little moments close and dear to my heart.  After all, that is one of the main reasons I joined Close To My Heart for. 

To see larger images of the book, simply click on the photographs and they will open in a larger window.

If you love this little book and want to create your own, I have had additional copies printed that are available to purchase. The kits come complete with the 6" x 6" Accordion Book, two 6" x 6" Flip Flaps, a 4" x 4" Flip Flap, and the printed layouts.  Your cover will say Magical Moments.

The kits are $15.00.  Add $3 for shipping in applicable.  You can order your book by e-mailing me at: or use the PayPal link below.

Magic Moments 6 x 6 Book

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