Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Studio J - Hybrid with Wonderland

Early last week, we had a late, and large, snow here in Virginia.  I challenged my scrapbookers to get out in the snow and take some vertical photographs of the snow.  The snow was a heavy snow and was beautiful for the whole 24 hours that it was around!  Our family went to the top of the mountain near our home and went for a winter wonderland hike.  I took mostly vertical photographs as I had challenged my scrappers to do and was delightfully pleased with the results! 
Once we got home, I used this hybrid Studio J layout to showcase my photographs!  Yet another reason that I love Studio J--you will always have the perfect paper collection for your photographs even if the paper collection has retried.  This layout features the Wonderland paper which was my favorite wintery/snowy paper of all times.  I chose this particular layout design as it also showcased a lot of White Daisy which of course will blend with almost any snow pictures. 
I added (three) 3" x 4" flip flaps and (one) 6" x12" flip flap as well as two 3-d snowflakes and blue sparkles to enhance the layout. 

This layout is available to purchase as a kit for $12.00. The kit includes:
the two Studio-J base pages printed on high quality photo paper
1/2 sheet of snowflake print to Cricut Cut a title from
(three) 3" x 4" flip flaps
(one) 6" x 12" flip flap
bulk light blue sparkles
three Top Coat Icing snowflakes (two are shown here)
Two page protectors
j-peg of instructions and color photos that will be e-mailed to you
Shipping, if applicable, is $5.  Can be combined with other In All Sassiness Design kits to save on shipping cost.

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