Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And Nicholas happy...

Probably not the most appropriate time to post this layout, but I was working on a long overdue album for my Grandmother and found these pictures from her birthday party a few years ago.  Uncle Mike gave Nicholas a Tickle Me Elmo and Nicholas had a great time with the cause and effect reflects of making Elmo work.  Although I wasn't there, I was told the adults laughed just as hard as Nicholas!
I used this layout because it allowed for so many pictures of his expressions and curiosity.  I chose to use the White Daisy as a cardstock color as I thought it would really enhance the layout and brighten up the colors--not to mention, it complimented the white floor. 
Nicholas just turned 8 this week...hard to believe that it was not that long ago that he was this little! 
To see a larger image of the layout, click the layout itself.

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