Friday, May 11, 2012

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

Last weekend, my family joined me on a very sentimental and touching journey with our Relay for Life that was held at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds.  This is my second year participating with Relay.  I joined last year to support one of my dearest friends, Janice, who is a cancer survivor.  This year, the cause was magnified as another dear friend, mentor, and colleague was diagnosed with Cancer just about 5 weeks ago. She went from diagnosis, to surgery, and then waiting for results.  We were so blessed that her doctors were able to get all of the cancer.  As we have waited, worried and prayed for the results during the last few weeks,  my kids knew the "age appropriate basics" --that our friend was very sick and we were praying for her every night at bedtime.  My husband and I took this as a learning opportunity for them, and talked about what we could do to help...prayer of course, sending encouraging notes, creating the luminaries, fundraising and walking in Relay for Life.  They jumped at the opportunity to help make (and eat) cookies for a bake sale and even contributed part of their allowances to sponsor their luminaries.  We decided that weather permitting, that we would let the children join our team, and walk with me.  Jay joined us as well.  I am so glad that we did this.  I think my children learned a little about compassion and that they could help make a difference.  They were so proud of their t-shirts...swallow them as they may...and all insisted that they be allowed to wear them to school the following Monday.  I am very proud of all three of them for their contributions.

As for myself, this was such a sentimental night of reflection.  I thank for friend Janice, and husband John for inviting us to join them in such a special, and personal night.  I thank my scrappers and colleagues for supporting our team. 

Takes your breath away.

They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. 
Maybe just three:  three that speak volume 1,000 times over.

Team Awesome!

Some of the Luminaries that our kids created.

Our three newest team members.  100% heart.

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