Friday, July 29, 2011

Only a few more days for retiring product!

Here is the list of retiring stamps that everyone has anxiously been waiting for! At the bottom, there is a link for the entire product list. Remember, the last date to order these items is July 31, 2011. E-mail at: with any questions.

Limited Availability Products
These products are available in Order Entry only through July 31, 2011. Following
that date, items may or may not be available on MyCTMH sites and will be limited to stock on hand.

B1313 Merry Pursuits C1406 Hit the Spot D1350 Tender Tags
B1319 Four Seasons C1421 The Boo Crew D1352 It's Your Day
B1325 Welcome Baby C1428 Ice Crystals D1354 Endless Friendship
B1333 Merry Monsters C1430 In the Month of September D1355 Gracious Greeting—French
C1292 Tropical Christmas C1431 In the Month of October D1356 Gracious Greetings—Spanish
C1318 Best Wishes C1432 In the Month of November D1359 Comments
C1324 Spooky Smiles C1433 In the Month of December D1363 Picture Perfect
C1328 Festive Frills C1434 School Rules D1365 True Happiness
C1333 Spooky Night D1166 Vintage Christmas D1366 Holiday Trinkets
C1340 Aspiration D1171 New Fallen Snow D1369 Delightful Things
C1342 Damask Tiles D1177 No Peeking D1370 Welcome Home
C1350 Dainty Thoughts D1224 Holiday Joy D1371 Many Thanks
C1353 Gear Up D1225 Jingle Borders D1372 Grown with Love
C1354 Robot Power D1226 Magical Season D1374 Ms. Holiday Cheer
C1361 Buttoned Together D1243 Peace on Earth D1375 Treasures September
C1362 You're a Hoot D1244 Snow Friends D1376 Holiday Warmth
C1366 Fringed Phrases D1257 Make It Count D1379 Flourished Blessings
C1371 Holiday Jingle D1258 Friendship Word Puzzle D1380 Just for the Holidays
C1372 Grateful Hearts D1265 Gracious Greetings D1381 Beware
C1373 In the Game—Hockey D1266 Baby Steps D1382 Holiday Hoopla
C1374 Spellbound D1280 Spot on Backgrounds D1383 Santa's List
C1375 In the Game—Football D1299 Thoughtful Seasons D1385 Good Work
C1376 Stocking Style D1305 Gloria D1393 Flourished Blessings—French
C1377 Christmas Story D1315 Evergreen D1395 Flourished Blessings—Spanish
C1378 Heartfelt Christmas D1317 Feathery Flakes D1406 True Friends
C1380 Judiac Commentary D1319 Creepy Cobwebs D1416 State of Mind
C1381 Card Chatter—Thank you D1324 Christmas Melodies D1421 Cherish the Moment
C1384 Neighborhood D1326 Season of Splendor D1422 Wonderful Friend
C1386 Boys at Play D1332 Boutique Borders D1423 Happy Forever
C1387 Playin' Hard D1333 Wishing Star D1424 Something Splendid
C1391 Embrace Life D1335 Intrinsic Backgrounds D1428 Happy Journey
C1394 Candlelight D1339 Moments in Time D1433 My Game
C1398 Love You Forever D1347 Confidential D1439 Spook Alley
C1402 In the Month of January D1349 Be Yourself May D1450 Beautiful Day

For a complete list of the items being retired, click here: 2011 Retired List

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