Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The magic of CTMH's How To Books!

Can you tell, I still have Disney on my brain? I am sure I will for quite awhile! Today I want to share with you some of the artwork that I created for my Convention that I wasn't able to share until I returned home. My friend Barb orchestrated many of the gals on the Scattered Hearts team to create an album for Tina who is my fearless leader and grandma up-line (who by the way finished with the top sales in the ENTIRE company! Wahoo Tina!). We each created a 6x6 page with the Sweetheart paper collection that included a picture of us with Tina and a short text about what she had done for us. I found the journaling to be challenging as most of you know me, I love to journal and confining what I wanted to say in such a small space! aaahhhH! Anyway, I used one of our designs from our card book to create the layout. I also created a card with the same pattern so that you could see how the patterns could be interchangeable! Love, love, love the versatility & magic of going back and forth!

This design is the card design Pieced Together from Wishes.

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