Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And so it begins...finally!

Don't laugh...I had to get a photo of the boys before their first game...while their uniforms were still clean! Since, we know, that will be the only time that they will be clean! It has been a LONG baseball season with lots of disappointments and tears! And, this is the boys first game! Yes, you read that correctly...we have had almost all of our practices cancelled and most of the first games due to weather. The boys have been more and more heartbroken with each cancellation! So, like I said, this was the boys first game...and I couldn't help but smile, at their efforts in playing the game! Both boys had great hits, and Gabriel played a great Right in-fielder...getting his hands on the ball quite a lot. Nicholas played catcher for most of the game and was just as interested is saying hi to us, then the game itself. Gabe's memorable moment for the night...he rounded third base to come home and the runner that was behind him actually passed Gabe and hit home plate before Gabe...poor Gabe his little legs are so short (wonder where he gets that one from???). Anyway, Gabe seemed surprised when the runner passed him and didn't touch home base (good thing they don't keep score at this age). We all called out for him to touch home base, he looked up at us, then bent over and touched the base with his finger! I thought my dad was going to fall off the bleachers from laughter! Here's to many more years of memorable baseball moments!

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