Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is it my birthday?

Fall is definitely here in our part of the country--the leaves are beautiful from my bedroom window! Now I need to figure out how to plan a trip through sky-line drive this week...with our family's crazy schedule I am not sure how to squeeze that one in! But this am was against the norm with our family. No one had to officially be anywhere before 9am and what a relief to wake up and not having that huge sense of rush, rush, rush that shadows over us each morning. I was able to enjoy a cup a hot tea under my covers with my kitty cat in my lap and snuggle up with Gabe to read a few morning stories. Abby joined us for some Little Einsteins and then Nicholas came down filled with his excitement from his first "real" football game last night and the discovery that the tooth fairy did not forget him with his lost tooth last night. A happy morning...I keep it my birthday? I wish all mornings could start this way.

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