Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grace Period...

If you have not gotten your very own Triple Play Kit, our Grace period gives you just two more days to order one (or while supplies last)! I fell in love with these kits, and have made some beautiful creations...lots of layouts and beautiful cards! To recap, you can purchase one outright for $29.95; for $15 with a $25 stamp purchase or for $5 with a $40 stamp purchase! I know many of my clients are traditional scrapbookers so I have searched our books and come up with TEN (remember 10-10-10) layouts for you to try with your triple play kit! I am sure you will be challenged and delighted! Many of these layouts have already been posted on my blog and there are several more to come!

From Cherish: Treasure Tags, Duplicate Patterns, Golden Section, Color Celebration
From Reflections: Main Frame Quilt Blocks, Front & Center - Space, Front & Center Focal, Sampler - Nine Photo Quilt, Sampler Pieced, Sampler - Photo Checkerboard,

Which layout will you try?

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