Friday, October 1, 2010

Dance with me

So, who said there is a set "rule" that blurry pictures won't work in a scrapbook? No, maybe these pictures aren't perfect, but it is from a memory that I never want to forget, and I want Abby to be able to witness when she gets, yes, I will include blurry pictures in my book! This was an awesome few minutes for Abby and I wanted to capture it for her (and Uncle Mike) so as they twirled around the dance floor, my shutter was going as fast as it could. I captured the moment a few times and am thrilled with the results. I actually created this layout several months ago on Studio J and it just didn't look right (besides a few spelling errors that I went back and fixed! :-). In the original version all of the light space was White Daisy and it was too bright for the B&T paper. Now, with the enhancements on Studio J, not only is there a spell check feature, but one is also given the choice of the entire CTMH color palette not just a few colors. I changed all of the White Daisy to Colonial White and the layout was perfect! Thanks Studio J!
And how appropriately, the layout design for this one, "Up the Tempo"! My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: 150 layouts. 41 layouts completed. 109 to go.

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