Thursday, July 8, 2010

So much Bling!

Part of the fun of every convention/trade show/business meeting that I have participated is reading all of the name tags--meeting new people and seeing where they are from! With Close To My Heart, this part is still just as exciting, however the Lanyards are filled with pins, buttons and ribbons--and they tell some of the details of each of our lives! What an exciting way to spark conversation and to celebrate each others successes! Being the scrapbooker at heart, I just had to take a picture of my lanyard to save the memories!

Each pin, ribbon and button has significance:
1. In Memory of Pin - a pin my up line Pam M. designed, and made, to honor her friend, and my grandma up-line Jen Cheveney that lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer in April of this year. Notice the little lady bug--a favorite of Jen's.
2. #2 in Sales for the year with the Scattered Hearts Team.
3. $3000 pin - for $3000 in sales.
4. Picture This Frame - celebrating my 1st year at CTMH convention.
5. Recognition ribbons - PH-d Degree earned; Super Seller $4000 (for $4000 in one month); Centennial Club - special recognition for a 100 Gatherings within the year and reaching $30,000 in sales; Scattered Hearts Team Member
6. My PH-D pin! Wahoo!
7. Scattered Hearts Team Member pin.
8. I'm earning the Epic cruise pin!

Last night we had our Scattered Hearts Awards Ceremony! The evening was filled with friendship, fun and amazing talent! And the ceremony was all about the Bling! I was honored to be among such amazing leadership and talent to receive an award for the second highest sales in the Scattered Hearts Team and to be the leading EPIC Cruise seeker on our team! Thank you for all of your support in helping me make my dreams happen! Card Artwork by Tina Sutton.

My Favorite Pin - yes, it is adorable, but to me more importantly is the significance! I have been working all year to earn a Cruise for my husband and I with CTMH--to celebrate my 10th Anniversary with my husband!


  1. Not to take anything from chad..he is a master craftsman but...

    You too, tonya have made an impact in your chosen field of work. Congratulations on all of your awards and achievements. You have worked very hard and also deserve some of the spotlight. A talented family, Great Job!!

  2. Tonya... you are such a little fireplug and superstar. You have taken this company by storm and I am so proud of you and your success. You sold over $3o,000 this year and that is AMAZING. Welcome to the Centenial Club and to the Scattered Hearts $30,000 club. Can't wait to sail the Epic with you. You have it going on GF!