Friday, April 2, 2010

So, what have I been up to lately?

The Layout design is Jazzy Combination from Imagine.

I have been somewhat quiet for the past few weeks or so! But for good cause! I have been working on some new Studio J layouts! Finally, thanks to my awesome brother Michael, I am able to share them with you! As most of you know (Yes, John!!), technical stuff and computers, are not my forte!

This is my favorite Studio J layout so far! I actually chose this layout because it used the color Lilac Mist, and my crop group was doing a challenge with that color, but I couldn't figure out how to post what I did! So finally, here it is!

What I loved about Studio J? Simple (even for me!)! I loved having the option to switch out the colors and patterns as I wanted without cutting it out five times! I love that you can rotate the layout and the pictures rotate with the layout! I love many, many of the aspects of this new digital (at least to me) process. So, here's what I have to share. For me, this is an additional option. Not the only option. I know my mom panicked when I said I wanted to try "digital". I love the option to be hybrid. But I also love to create with my hands. I love to stamp, and paper piece, and the artistic part of traditional scrapbooking. Studio J opens a world of opportunities for me. As a mother of three very busy children, I worry that I will never be able to capture all that I want to capture in their document the little things that I cherish so much. Studio J can help me with that!! Below is an event that our family participated in. I was able to upload all of the pictures from the event, create & personalize a layout for each child, and then I was done! Knowing that I have this as an option, frees up more of my time to create the detailed traditional layouts that I so adore.

Nicholas' Layout:
The Layout Design is Treasure Tags from Cherish.

Gabriel's Layout:
The Layout design is Stars Above from Imagine.

And finally Abigail's Layout:
The Layout Design is Ensemble Piece from Imagine.
To see a larger view of the layouts, simply click on the individual layout.
Studio J will be available for our customers in April of 2010!

My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge:
I have already used the Ensemble Piece layout design this year, so with these completed layouts, I can now say: 150 layouts. 15 completed. 135 to go.

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