Monday, April 19, 2010

Layout repeated...with a different take!

I am still loving the "Art. Wonder. History" Layout that was previously posted. I wanted to try the layout, using a lot of pizazz and embellishments as illustrated in Reflections so this baby layout was perfect! This particular layout was quite the challenge! The photos had horrible color combinations in them (a very cranberry couch cover...up against a dark, almost hunter green, shade of un-baby would that have been? lol!) so...I enhanced them by converting the pictures to black and white and the difference was amazing! The black and white brought continuity to the layout and gave it a timeless appearance. Next, came the challenge of the colors of the papers...I choose to use the Heavenly Blue and Amethyst but at first I used the brighter toned side of the cardstock and it was just too overpowering. I flipped to the more muted side and it was too dull...then decided to use the lighter colors and then the circles in the brighter colors and the combination was priceless! I must admit the positioning for the various embellishments was the fun part! How often does the opportunity present itself to use endless embellishments?

Left Layout design: Bottom Border-Title from Reflections.
Right Layout Design: Sidebar-Main Frame from Reflections.

A few of the little details - Stamped bullet points that read: "a happy hello...unconditional my side...remember this...miracle...i need you...happily ever is good...glad you're here".
Materials used: Heavenly Blue, White Daisy & Amethyst Textured Cardstock, Amethyst Exclusive Ink, Amethyst & Heavenly Brads, Bigger Brads & My Accents, White Daisy Mini Medleys (buckle), Just Blooms Flowers and Classmates Alphabet.
My Ultimate Scrapbooking Challenge: an alternative design to the previous posted layouts.
I am teaching this layout as a part of a baby series...the participants will receive the entire Spring Harmony palette so they can select the color combination that works the best for their needs! The workshop is next Monday, April 26th! For details, click here. Can't wait!

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