Friday, November 20, 2009

Heartfelt Christmas Ornaments

When I was little, I remember the care my mom always took in making ornaments for our Christmas tree. We had store bought ornaments, and ones that we had made, but there was just something special about the ones that she made. She adorned the tree with these ornaments and they just brought that special "wow" factor. I remember one year she made icicles from clear beads, and one year she made strawberries from dried walnuts! Though each year her ornaments seem to be fewer and further between, I still cherish the ones she made the most...and the memories of those special ornaments on our tree. I want to bring the same joy to my children when we decorate our tree. My daughter, Abby, has her own pink feather tree for her room and I thought I would decorate her tree with white snowflakes. The pictures don't give the snowflakes their due justice, but with the Prisma glitter, they create that wow factor! We will add more ornaments to her tree once Christmas is closer, but I couldn't resist trying this and taking a picture of it!
Supplied used: Dimensional Elements Flurrys, Prisma Glitter, Bonding Memories Glue

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