Thursday, September 10, 2009

Taking a moment...

I live in a small town that is surrounded (literally) by mountains on all sides. To go basically anywhere outside of our town, we have to cross a mountain. Sometimes I cross the mountain 6 times a week. Other weeks less. This particular mountain is consumed by sharp curves and frequented by irresponsible, and agressive drivers...and it you don't maintain the speed limit going up or down, you unfortunatley will get run over. There is no time for sight seeing. I know the nooks and crannies of that mountain...where I must be the most cautious for the wildlife (which make night driving rather nerve wracking at times), and the curves that on-coming cars will undoubtably overexgaverate the lanes and the speed. I love the mountain, and fear it at the same time. But yesterday, I was blessed with a different perspective...I had to run some errands on the other side, and upon the return trip found myself behind a tanker truck of some sort right at the top where the passing lane ends...which meant I would be behind the truck all the way down! And the truck LITERALLY went 3 miles an hour all the way down! At first I was a little frustrated as I fretted that I might be late to pick up my son at preschool, but as I drove down I realized this precious gift that I had been given. The gift of seeing the mountain at slow speed! And what a gift it was! I was able to relax and actually SEE the mountain, We saw two baby deer right along the side of the road--on at the bottom of one of the sharp banks-and if one of them had lost his footing he would have been in the road. I am confidant, that God put that tanker in front of myself and the long line of cars that accumulated behind me to protect those sweet deer. For if the cars were speeding by as fast as they normally do, and the babies being so close, they certainly have been hit. I also witnessed patches of the leaves starting to change colors which was completely awesome! Each curve highlighted something miraculous that I had never noticed before. What an awesome way to gain perspective!

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  1. it's a shame more people can't have a moment of appreciation like that more often