Saturday, September 26, 2009

My kittie!

Ellie is technically "my" kitty! She has endured first the arrival of my husband, then our dog Forte, a second cat Mozart, Forte's saddened departure, then Molly's (our current dog) arrival, and then of course, baby Nicholas and baby Gabriel. Add to it, sharing living arrangements for awhile with my parents pets Calli, Cocoa & Statisus and finally baby Abby. Quite of a lot of adaptability and transitions for a cat's lifespan. However, with each transition, she has become a little more patient. Her patience with Abby has been great! Both of the boys love Ellie, and their fascination with her comes and goes, but Abby adores her and plays with "my kittie" as much as the "kittie" will allow! Ellie has patiently been covered with a baby blanket in her cradle, been dressed in Abby's clothes and held her patience when Abby is too rough with her. It is rare that I catch them with the camera, but today Ellie allowed Abby to play with her for quite along time. There is just something that is time enduring of a little girl and her "kittie"!


  1. Tonya, I know exactly what you mean. We have George who is now 14 years old. My husband had to feed him with an eye dropper when we got him as the children and I promptly left on vacation with my closest friend and her 3 children. He has survived being hit by a semi, the move from Virginia to Florida, a house fire (need I mention 20 boots and suits with a big hose), a move to a resort for two weeks,another move to an apartment for 3 months, a move to the house we are in now, three children who love him so dearly they greet him before they greet their parents when they walk in the door, being played with until he perspires. What would we do without these 4 legged family members?

  2. Oh, by the way, love the pink baby blanket, looks very much like my sons baby blanket - grins - sonograms who needs one!!??!!