Sunday, July 5, 2009

One stamp - three variations!

I love this stamp set! It is called Extreme Happiness and coordinates with the Moon Doggie Collection! There are just so many possibilities! Here, I have created the same card with a variation of stamping techniques and as you can see they produce vary different results.
The first, is a complete stamping of the stamp.

The second image was created with 2nd Generation stamping. A very simple technique. To do, ink the stamp with Exclusive ink color of choice. Stamp the image on a scrap piece of paper. Next, without re-inking, stamp the image again on the paper that you want your final image on. Depending on your pressure, this technique will produce a much softer image.

For the third image, ink the stamp with the Exclusive ink of choice. Stamp lightly with about 1/2 of the pressure that you would normally apply. This will allow the cardstock underneath to show through the design, and give the image a more "spongy" or textured appearance.

Whatever technique you use, you will create beautiful art! Have fun!

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  1. Those are all great, but I think I like the third the best. Thanks for sharing these!