Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Disney Fills My Heart with happy!

Disney most certainly fills my heart with happy!  In oh so many ways!  I loved this title, and thought it would be fun to create a layout around it!  What fun to include the hearts as a "word" in the title right?  And because I did so, if you look closely, you will notice that I also incorporated hearts throughout the layout -- all through the banners and accents.

Note: to view the layout in a larger size, simply click on the photo and it will open larger in a new window.

This layout was designed, and created, using the Cricut Air.  As in my last post, I have been playing with, and experimenting with, the "attach" feature and am delighted finding out the lengths that I can stretch it's abilities!  Building on what I posted over the weekend in the "attach Cricut function" post (click here to see this post), for this layout I learned how to incorporate the title and the larger image of the heart.  I am telling you if you have not tried this function, and have an air, it opens a world of possibilities!

To achieve this result, I created my title and the heart on a Cricut spreadsheet.  I then captured both images and the 11 1/2" x 11 1/2" base and clicked the attach button.  This changed the sheet from black to white but essentially merged the three together.  

When cutting the image out, you have to "trick" the Cricut a little because of the larger canvas.  When I first tried the 12"x 12" scale for the base, as well as the 11 3/4" and the  11 1/2" I kept receiving an error message that the canvas was too large and to alter the size.  I am sure there are other ways to work around this obstacle, but for me, I finally learned that if you change the "base" to "draw" instead of "cut" and then do not insert a pen into the pen barrel, it works as an override.  The Cricut does still go thru the drawing movements but there is no pen inserted so it doesn't mess up your base.  It will then proceed to cut the heart and the title as desired.  I cannot begin how to tell you how much easier this is than cutting the title "old school"and then gluing down each and every letter!  WOW!!!

So a quick lesson:
1.  When you select the image to cut (see the blue "square", there is a small pair of scissors in a circle.

 2.  Click on the scissors icon and this screen will pop up.

 3.  Click on the fountain pen image which will then trigger a screen giving pen options.  Select a pen option.  Again, this will not matter as you are not putting a pen in the barrel but it will program the Cricut to think that it is there.

So now that you know how to do this yourself, back to my layout.  Here are a few close ups where you can see the details of the layout.  I love the little banners!  I manipulated then, fliped them, merged and welded them and enlarged and shrunk to create the sizes and combinations that I wanted for my layout.

details up close:

If you are in love with this specific layout, this layout can be purchased as a kit.  It is a part of my Sassy and Magical Disney Layout Series.  The physical layout kit may be purchased for $15, and the digital files can be purchased for $5.  For you digital files, you will need to have access to a Cricut Air.  Both options are available in my In All Sassiness Designs shop.

If you love the products featured in this layout, they can be found on my Close To My Heart website - the CC8181More Magical paper (the polka dots) is only available during the month of September.  The cardstock used is:  X5992 Candy Apple, X6008 Lemon, X6027 White Daisy and X6028 Black.  The embellishments were from the Z3314 White and Black Dots.  My website address is:

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