Monday, August 20, 2018

Beautiful Friendship meets Disney take two!

I am so in love with the Beautiful Friendship paper suite...I really do not want it to go away on August 31st (so if you love it too, you need to grab some before it is gone!  I love the blending of the colors and seeing that it has both yellow/gold and blue - a combination which I was bred to not go for (GO BUCKS!) - I am delightfully surprised at how very much I have enjoyed using these papers.

The second layout in my Sassy and Magical Disney layout series, focuses on the softer colors in the Beautiful Friendship color palette - the pinks, yellows and adds a little grey.  The title, and concept, are such fun --"His Minne, Her Mickey" -- I remember seeing them frequently when at Disney--either on Trading Pins, hats and clothing.  The layout was designed by Shannon Baker, and then I tweaked a little to work with my pictures and preferences.  I am so happy with how it turned out and if received the Abby check of approval too!  She keeps coming into my studio complimenting me on the layout--I think she is also giving quite strong hints that she wants this layout for her book!  lol.

The kit may be purchased as a kit, or you can join me for my class An Afternoon with Mickey on September 2nd at the Gathering Place in Harrisonburg, Va.  The kits include all of the pre-cut pieces, titles, circle photo templates, embellishments, detailed instructions and a color photo to help in your creation process.  You may order your own kit, or register for the class here in my In All Sassiness Square Shop.

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