Friday, July 22, 2016

Magical "Love This" Flip Flap Layout

Each year, at Close To My Heart's national convention, they hold a layout contest for their consultants.  Participating in this contest is one of my favorite parts of the convention experience!  This is my once a year chance to create a layout with no limits - no holds bar to speak; to be as creative as I wish without regards to cost, or product availability; or time.  This year, the layout contest was focused around Disney's movie Inside Out which was also the theme of our convention.  The challenge was to create a layout about one of our core memories and how it is affected, or impacted, our lives.  I chose to reflect on our family's LoveWorks Journey and how discovering that first sculpture created this journey for our family and family together time.  

The layout features many flip flaps, circuit cuts and lots of little accents and details.  In addition, I created two little flip flap books on top of the layouts themselves.

My layout was not one of the winners in the layout contest, but the pride that I had for completing the layout, my way, was enough for me!  Complete pun included, I simply "love" the layout!

To see any of the pictures in a larger window, click the layouts and they will open in a new window.

Full double spread with flip flaps closed.

happy details on left page

details of the upper corner of the left page 

Left page - step 2

left page - step 3

left page - step 4

left page - step 5

left page - flip flap photo detail

right page - step 2

right page - step 3

right page - details

If you have fallen in love with this layout, as I have, you can purchase a pre-cut kit in my shop.  The layout kit includes the pre-cut Cricut overlays, and other needed pieces, a full pack of Black Overlays to accent as desired, bulk embellishments and flip flaps, detailed instructions and colored photos.  The cost is $25.00.  Shipping is $8.00 if applicable and can be combined with other class kits.  Click here to visit my shop.

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